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Practical real wold scenarios.Training Format: 3 days a week.Corporate Trainings since 2010Focused for Business MISRapid productivity boost.

Vaishali Nagar | Lal Kothi
Timings 08:00 am to 8:00 pm | Sun-Mon
Learn to create a Dynamic M.I.S using Advance MS-Excel
Advance MS-Excel Training for Business M.I.S
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In-House Ms Excel Training Packages


One Day Essential MS-Excel Training for Business

An compulsory training in MS Excel for teams at companies where MS Excel is regularly used.

An effective investment in teams to train them with MS-Excel essentials and enable them to use Excel worksheets more than a calculator!

Program Highlights

  • 4 Hours Training Program of 1 Day.

  • 15-20 Functions like Dynamic Tables, References, Paste Special, V-Look and H-Look Up etc.

  • All basic Essential Key Functions Covered

  • Multiple Practical Exercises for Clarity of Functions

  • End of Training Test

Key Program Benefits

  • Arrange your Data Systematically and Optimally

  • Present your Data in a way that is easier to understand

  • Improve Data Entry and Reporting Capabilities

  • Improve Quality of your Data for a better MIS use

Requirements for the Corporate Package are given below.

  • Minimum Participants required > 10

  • Location of Training at your>  Office that have a Projector Setup

  • Projector to be provided > by the Client

  • Participants may use their own Laptops/PCs

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