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Practical real wold scenarios.Training Format: 3 days a week.Corporate Trainings since 2010Focused for Business MISRapid productivity boost.

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Post Training Feedback


Dear Participant,

How did your training sessions go with us?

Did we meet your expectations? Should we improve on some aspects?

Yes, we want your frank feedback. We are serious & we would thank you if you point our rough edges.

Team Wisdom Hall

Post you Feedback here

1. Worst
2. Just Ok
3. Fair
4. Great
5. Excellent

1. Not At All
2. Just Ok
3. Yes
4. Just Perfect
5. Absolutely

1. No not at All.
2. Yes I think So.
3. He/She Sure was.
4. Yes very good.
5. Excellent

2. No

1. No
2. May Be
3. Yes
4. Sure

1. No
2. May be
3. Sure

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