Refunds - Advance MS Excel Training in Jaipur, India.

Refunds - Advance MS Excel Training in Jaipur, India.

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The Refunds Policy
Our No questions asked 100% refunds policy is applicable as per following conditions.

  • Only Online One On One Training Module is eligible for 100% refunds of fee received by us from the trainee.
  • We will  refund 100% of the fee amount if the enrolled trainee request us not to continue with the training after completing 2 session of training but before starting the third session.
  • The refund request and cancellation request should be sent to us by mail mentioning the order number that was issued to you by our automated system.
  • The refund request and cancellation request should be made 24 hours before the third session is conducted
  • You must clearly mention the reason for cancellation of the training.
  • The fee shall be refunded to your Bank Account or PayPal account.
  • The 100% fee amount will be the actual amount received by us in our Bank Accounts when you paid the Fee using the payment gateways.
  • The fee amount will be calculated as per the fee received and deduction of various charges that payment gateways have debited on the fee amount.
  • We are not responsible for the actual amount credited back to you finally after the payment is processed through the relevant gateways.
  • We will not be able to refund the fee amount if you do not cancell your One On One online Training Sessions before 24 hours of the start of Third Session

Please understand with the following Example of a course which for the sake of example  costs  INR/$ 100.oo
  • If the course Fee Deposited by you is  INR/ $100.oo
  • The amount actually received by us is INR/$ 95.oo (After effects of various charges by the payment Gateways, this may also vary as different commission rates of different Gateways and variable currency rates in case of International Payments received from Out of India Participants)
  • We will refund you INR/$ 95.oo and credit the same figure received in our accounts
  • You may receive INR/$ 95.oo  or INR/$ 90.oo depending on the factors explained above.
  • Your Enrollement with us shall be considered as your acceptance of the above refund policy and that your have fully understood our Terms of Service and accept them as they are currently on this Website.

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