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Practical real wold scenarios.Training Format: 3 days a week.Corporate Trainings since 2010Focused for Business MISRapid productivity boost.

Vaishali Nagar | Lal Kothi
Timings 08:00 am to 8:00 pm | Sun-Mon
Learn to create a Dynamic M.I.S using Advance MS-Excel
Advance MS-Excel Training for Business M.I.S
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Assess Your Self

Placement support after trainingRegular Requirements for MS-Excel trained candidatesDirect Interview with Companies

Here is a test sheet in the right side box for assessing your basic skills on MS-Excel for Business.
Download this Excel Worksheet and check out if you can solve the 5 given problems. Its an assesment test of how good you are with your existing basic Excel Skills.
If you are able to solve all these , then you are eligible for our Advance ExcelProkit® Program else you should be joining our Essential ExcelProkit® Program.
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