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Practical real wold scenarios.Training Format: 3 days a week.Corporate Trainings since 2010Focused for Business MISRapid productivity boost.

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Vaishali Nagar | Lal Kothi
Timings 08:00 am to 8:00 pm | Sun-Mon
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Training Schedules Registration


Register here for training at Jaipur Center

  1. Training is to be conducted thrice a Week, every alternate day.
  2. Select the Days Schedule you prefer. (Mon-Wed-Fri or Tue-Thur-Sat)
  3. One hour training session
  4. If your requested batch timing and schedule is available we will enroll you, otherwise we will suggest you the next available slot.

Please Note

  1. Things required by you if you opt for an Online Live Training

    1. Broadband Connection
    2. Headset with Microphone
    3. Computer / Laptop
  2. For Outside India Online Training an additional charge of INR 4500.00 is applicable per signup.
    1. Timings as per I.S.T

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