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Practical real wold scenarios.Training Format: 3 days a week.Corporate Trainings since 2010Focused for Business MISRapid productivity boost.

Vaishali Nagar | Lal Kothi
Timings 08:00 am to 8:00 pm | Sun-Mon
Learn to create a Dynamic M.I.S using Advance MS-Excel
Advance MS-Excel Training for Business M.I.S
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Why choose us ?



Wisdom Hall Training



A unique experience in learning and using MS-Excel for Business. Since 2010 we are focused only on MS-Excel based trainings.

Mostly run of the mill institutes where many other courses are run.

Batch Size

We are clear with our Quality Standards. MS-Excel training is a logical training concept. We do not have more then "9" attendees in our "At Center Sessions".

These "Classes" are like school classrooms & have higher attendess between 15 to 30 candidates per session

Training Philosophy

Our sessions are paced as two or three times a week. This allows participant to use practically what has been taught and thus develop the logic in using MS-Excel.

Daily classes with focus on theory and mugging  MS-Excel Commands & Formulas instead of Practical Application Training.


A wide experience of conducting trainings with the Corporate Sector. We ensure that our training delivery is 100% useful for participants from day one

Mostly students at these center become trainers and do not have the required experience to handle real practical requirements of MIS using MS-Excel

Quality Improvement

Regular ongoing internal reserach and training on MS-Excel is an integral part of our Team's Daily routine.

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Demo Session We always do a demo session or a trial class first to assess the skill level of the potential participant before enrolling them in our courses. This helps in matching of the requirements and capability of participant to do the courses successfully.  
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